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The Legend

The Fit Food Fresh Story

Formed In The Flames of Failures

Fit Food Fresh wasn’t started by personal trainers, chefs, or athletes, just a couple of regular guys who loved the idea of healthy meals, conveniently delivered to their door, but couldn’t find anyone who was doing it right. After bouncing from one company to another, they finally had enough of the repetitive meals, spotty deliveries, lack of control, and HORRIBLE customer service.

Humble Beginnings; Even Redwoods Start as Seeds

One night, fresh off some meal plan frustration and armed with a couple of legal notepads, they made a list of everything they didn’t like about their experiences with the existing meal plan companies and started a foundation of solutions. Amazing meals, stellar customer care, freedom to choose, no commitment required, 100% satisfaction guarantee on every meal, and an open ear (and mind) for ALL feedback. That night, the Fit Food Fresh revolution was born, creating the first meal plan service for the people, by the people.

No Experience, No Funding, No Connections…No Problem? (Not Quite)

Founders Casey and Stephen will be the first to tell you they were out of their league and in way over their heads when they started. Neither had any prior experience in the food industry other than waiting tables and bartending their way through college. However, they resonated one mantra: will beats skill. They had a clear vision; build a company as the client, instilling what you would want as a client, and continue to make decisions from the client’s’ shoes.

Grind, Grind, And Grind Some More

They did whatever it took. They stayed up all nights doing deliveries, finishing just in time to make it to their day jobs. They cut their teeth on the weekends learning about how to source the right product and proteins. Their nights were spent researching recipes and building menus. Hell, Casey even delivered Jimmy Johns for gas money. They eventually took some frustrated ideas scribbled on a notepad, and turned into the best damn meal plan company that South Florida had ever seen.

Penny For Your Thoughts

Understanding firsthand what it feels like to be ignored, unappreciated, unsupported, and laughed at, Fit Food Fresh was built around a compass directed by its eater’s feedback. Critiques, suggestions, and compliments are more than welcomed, they’re begged for. Making a conscious decision to take the road less traveled is not easy. But the founders of Fit Food Fresh believe the hard path and right path are often the same path. Etched on the walls of offices of the Fit Food Fresh headquarters in Boca Raton, FL is the phrase “We don’t want to be the biggest, just the best.” which echoes daily amongst its entire dedicated team.



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